How To Purchase A Backpack Purse: 4 Tips You Should Know Before You Buy

Mini backpack purses are one the hottest fashion trends going today. From tour bus grannies to spotty preteens, just about every woman knows of someone who has one. A mini backpack purse is both practical and snazzy. Convenient with large, spacious interiors these purses are great for any woman who has a lot of stuff of carry but who does not want to be bothered with wrestling a large handbag around. If you have always wanted to purchase a backpack purse but were uncertain on how to pick one, then read the following 4 tips to learn how.

Tip 1 – Basic Style

All backpack purses have a triangle shape with a narrow top and a slightly wider bottom. The top typically either closes with a drawstring or flap cover. A mini backpack purse is just a smaller version. The quick open top makes it easy to store makeup, cell phones, wallets, cameras, tune players, hairbrushes and combs, etc. But mini backpack purses are not large enough to carry books or work files. Find a style that you are comfortable with

Tip 2 – Hands Free Convenience.

The popularity of these purses is largely based on their accessibility and convenient carry style. Now, women can have their hands free to round up kids, take pictures, and do other tasks without fear of slipping shoulder straps and stolen handbags. Some backpack purses have a single sling-style strap to use over one shoulder, while others can be worn over both shoulders. Try on the one that fits you and your lifestyle most comfortably.

Tip 3 – Construction

Know what you want to carry, and purchase a backpack purse that will fit your needs. The basic materials of these purses include a wide variety; From nylon, leather, canvas, denim to even satin and lace. The more durable fabrics are used in everyday carry bags, while the more delicate materials are used in mini backpack purses designed for special occasions. You should get a sturdier backpack for teenagers or young adults. A leather backpack purse would be a good investment for an active teen or college student. But remember that a large, leather one may weight more than a standard mini backpack purse. You should keep this in mind.

Tip 4 – Does it fit your lifestyle?

The most important item to consider when purchasing a backpack purse is whether or not is fits your needs and lifestyle. If you are in the habit of carrying everything in your current handbag, then you don’t need to choose a tiny, leather purse that will only hold a lipstick and cell phone. Take into account who you are and how you live your life. And choose accordingly.

So now you know the 4 best tips on how to purchasing a backpack purse: Know the types of basic styles; Pick a backpack purse that fits you; Get a well constructed purse and purchase a backpack purse that suits your lifestyle.