Essential items women should carry

There is something about being a woman that is empowering. We stick together and support each other. In recent years there have been many movements for gender equality. Just 100 years ago women weren’t allowed to wear pants, have short hair or ride horses the way they do nowadays. Obviously there are things that men do that drive us nuts and there are things women do that drive men nuts. One thing is for sure though – we are all incredibly resourceful. A butter knife can be used as a screwdriver and a pair of barbecue tongs as a tool to get that item off of the top shelf.

Part of being so resourceful is being prepared. Women have handbags for a reason – to fill with a bunch of useful stuff ( and rubbish haha) Here is our list of items that you should always carry to be prepared for any situation.


A small little container that contains plasters of varying degrees is always useful to have. You always know where to find them and if you are out you have access to them. It is a good idea to carry some sort of antiseptic cream as well.

Disinfecting wipes

These little things are life savers. Not only can you wipe counters with them, you can wipe public toilet seats, kids faces and even your own hands. I have successfully used them to clean coffee I have spilled on my pants and wipe down a spilled drink in my car.

A sewing kit

This is something that my mother would suggest, one that I could never understand until I lost the bottom on my pencil skirt at work. I ended up having to staple my skirt as the lost button resulted in my zip continually dropping down. Thread in the sewing kit can double up as floss in an emergency and the needle is ideal for taking splinters out of kids hands.

A multi tool


I would suggest carrying a multi tool such as a Leatherman or the Swiss army knife. You can customize which items you want it to feature but you. The Swiss army knife comes with a small scissor, screw driver, knife and tweezers. It is also only about 3 inches big. Ideal handbag size.

A flashlight

When the electricity trips at night, everyone scrambles to try find a flashlight. If it’s dark and you are going to the car and you need extra light you are sorted. A small LED light is ideal to have in your bag.


We all know how important tissues are. Bathroom, nose, spills. Enough said.

A pen


There are countless situations I have been in where having a pen would have come in handy. Filling in documents for work, for kids school or even for writing down someone’s number. Keeping a pen in your bag ensures that you always know where to find one. It also doubles up as weapon in an emergency or as a straw.