Take an Okkatots Travel Diaper Bag Backpack Tour

As most of you know I have a baby girl of 6 months. Before she was born we used to travel and go out almost every weekend and we promised ourselves we’d keep on doing that as much as we could after she was born. So naturally, I’ve become quite an expert at day packs, travel back and diaper bags, more specifically – at the intersection of all this is the travel backpack diaper bag. After a bit of trial an error we settled with the Okkatots Travel bag and I wanted to share with you this great product. I found the video below on YouTube and decided to post it here as they do as good a job as I probably ever would of giving you a tour of this piece of baby gear.

As you can see from the video, the Okkatots Diaper bag is a truly amazing piece of kit. The build-quality is absolutely fantastic and it is very obvious from the design that Okkatots really thought through every little feature on the backpack. Everything you could ever need for baby on a day trip is smartly organized into logical compartments. Those items that need to be close at had at all times are there when you need them.

The backpack is not only a good designed diaper bag, it is also a truly comfortable clear backpack. i have carried this around on my back for days on end- literally – and have never had any issues with chafing, sore back or anything similar. If you’re in the market for a new diaper bag I suggest you give this bag some serious consideration. They retail at around $80 on Amazon.com and there are a load of colors to chose from.

Some products just work. Once you buy them you tend to wonder how you ever got along without them – the Okkatots Diaper bag backpack is one of those products for me. Love it. never leave the house without it.


DJI drone vacation

Luxurious Photography for Vacations

Have you ever taken a ton of photos while on vacation? Of course, you have! But, when you come home and really looked at your collage of photos, have you realized they all looked the same? Even worse, they look the same as the overflowing photo albums you have from every other vacation taken over the last twenty years.

Black Tomato, a unique and innovative luxury travel company has come up with a new and exciting way to capture your favorite vacation moments.

“Drone the World” is a professional drone photography service that captures your favorite vacation moments from the sky and presents itself to you in the form of a three-minute video that has been professionally and precisely edited. This innovative service allows you to relive your vacation and experience it in an unimaginable way; from the perspective of the sky.

With the many modern advancements in technology, we are continuously looking for new ways to take pictures that will “ooh” and “aah” our family and friends. We strive to find the next best thing, often going to extremes to do so.

Over the years, we seen the Polaroid cameras that everyone just had to have, convenient and easy to use disposable cameras, waterproof cameras that work and survive under the water, cameras that allowed us to select a photo size from small to panoramic, digital cameras that require no film, and cell phones that take pictures almost as good as any camera.

Now, you can get the most out of your vacation, without a phone or camera in your hand. Stop taking hundreds of selfies until you get just the right one to post on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat. Stop worrying about how you are going to fit everyone into the picture or taking turns not being in the picture while you snap a group photo, instead, let the flying Drone in the sky follow you and take your photos for you. You will experience a freedom you haven’t felt in years. Enjoy the thrill and excitement of flying a drone and snapping pictures, or let someone else do it for you.

Two vacation photography companies, “Flytographer” and “Shoot My Travel”, offer a vast array of Drone travel photography packages. Their large network of photographers spans over more than one hundred fifty cities around the world, meaning you can travel nearly anywhere in the world and have these modern photography services available to you.

These innovative companies send a professional photographer with a drone and Phantom drone case on your adventures with you for anywhere from thirty minutes to three hours. They specialize in all types of vacation photography, from romantic couples to large families. These knowledgeable photographers will also offer interesting tad bits of information as they guide you along the way.